Greetings world!

First things first. I have failed at keeping up with my coffee reviewing blog because I no longer have access to it…Do you want to know why? Because for the life of me, I CANNOT REMEMBER MY FRIGGIN LOGIN. So I thought I would *ahem* try again, and merge everything into a personal blog. After all, I should really start keeping some sort of diary. My memory is so goldfish like that I can’t even remember where I was yesterday, what I ate or what I did.

I’ll start this off this blog by sharing with you something I love…and that is taking pictures…or rather ...story-telling.

This is my story of Jessie & Dan. There is just something so beautiful about Jessie & Dan… We started the day at 7.30am in order to avoid the harsh Queensland sun. Keeping in mind that it had been raining for a week before…so shooting in this amazing long grass also meant that the ground was wet mud. And when I asked how they felt about walking through the mud to get to the tree (pictured below), Dan just smiled and in a super-hero fashion…didn’t hesitate to pick up Jess and walked straight on through the mud.

Now..that’s love. 


2 thoughts on “Reincarnation.

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