I’m Awkward.

Awesome Oli bought me these new additions to my zoo. And I’m a sucker for soft toys. I now have an awkward white elephant! He’s much smaller than I expected..because Oli bought me an awkward Octopus “Awktopus” a few months ago…and the elephant is almost half its size!  We made him more awkward by putting a lens bracelet around his trunk. hehe. …


Anyway,  in case you’re wondering why it is said that a white elephant is awkward, it is an idiom for an item of possession which is of value, but difficult to dispose of (and so it places a burden on the owner).

I’ve just come back from Thailand, where we were told many stories about the white elephant. White elephants are a symbol of power and justice and so they hold a sacred, royal status in Thailand. So the story goes (according to our tour guide)…that the King of Thailand (Formerly known as Siam) would gift a white elephant (valuable item) to someone in order to bestow upon them the burden and of costs and maintenance.  Apparently the King of Thailand currently owns 11 white elephants hidden away in his palace.  The locals gave me weird looks when I asked them how much it would cost to buy an elephant….. And most people gave me the same figure. It costs $30,000 USD to buy an adult elephant, and a little bit more for a baby one.  An elephant has to eat 150kg-270kg of veges a day (they are herbivores). And they drink around 150 Litres of water. The elephants at the elephant camp in Chiangmai were fed mini-bananas and sugar cane (tourists could purchase baskets to feed the elephants). So if I had an elephant in Australia…and I only fed it bananas ($8 per kilo), it would cost me at least $1200 AUD to feed it everyday…insane! So when I retire, I’m going to move to Thailand and have my own elephant farm. Yup.

And here are the rest of my new awkward animals- Awkward Frog + Elephant + Rhino

No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post! This was just for fun so don’t flame me for anything animal cruelty related. Or I’ll unleash a bag of obscenities at you.

You can purchase your very own Awkward Animal from http://awkwardanimals.com/


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