Chaddy on racism and toilet hygiene.

I grew up in New Zealand in an area where there were very few Asians- so naturally, all my friends in the earlier stages of childhood were Caucasian. During primary school days…I would walk home and some kids from narrow-minded, xenophobic families would taunt ‘Ching Chong China-man’ calls at me whilst pulling their eyes to slant…I would pretend not to hear and continue walking home. In fact, on the first day of school….the kids decided it would be a good idea to steal my bag and hide it around the courtyard. When the bell rang for us to return to class…I sat outside on a bench and just balled my eyes out. It was then, my friend Shaun came up to me and handed me my bag…revealing where they had hid it. Thank you Shaun.

On other days, kids would steal my lunchbox and throw my mum’s dumplings at me…as they were used as weapons of “CHINESE FART BOMBS” (For those of you whom have never brought dumplings in a lunchbox to school….once you open the lid it actually does smell like you’ve unleashed a serious atomic fart).  So for me…it wasn’t easy to embrace my cultural heritage. I instead asked mum to make peanut butter or tuna sandwiches.
So from that point onwards, I devoted and worked my arse off to study English. I would set up base in the library with my friend Bronwen and we would read all lunch-break. I would go home and continue reading.

In year 1, with no command of the English language, I memorised the entire storybook after my teacher read it through once. At home, my parents thought I had learned to read English in one day. Until…they discovered my secret…. that if they had flipped to a random page…I would have to recite the entire story preceding it before I could read out the particular sentence.

In year 2, I began to finally grasp fluent English. I excelled in spelling and writing (above and beyond all those racist losers who teased me in year 1). Teachers would often pull me out of class to do extra work or to learn public speaking on the side. This is when my friend Miriam Gilbert …nominated me as her “best friend”.  Rest in peace beautiful girl. At the end of year Christmas nativity performances, I would be the one nominated to narrate the play…something which I was very proud of….as some of those racist losers had to be cows, horses, trees and other inanimate objects.

After that, I did make a few very understanding friends who would walk home with me…or we would play after school on playgrounds together.

Here are some cute photos of my friends and I…:)

Racism occurred throughout my childhood because those kids didn’t know any better. And I forgive you. All of you. *End self-pity story*

DISCLAIMER: If you’re wanting to read a heart-warming story of a little Asian girl who battled racism…then stop here and leave my page. The rest is not suitable for the overly-sensitive, nor for anyone with heart conditions, shortness of breath or anything else that may make you have a heart attack after reading the rest of this post…

And now to the catalyst for this blog post…..I was studying/napping at the Bioscience library…and then when Wayne woke me up….for “pizza time” as instructed (thanks dude!)….I zoomed off to the bathrooms and lined up ..where I witnessed the aftermath of how the Asian girl had left one of the cubicles….. absolutely annihilated by urine. OKAY I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT a little bit of urine on the seat…which can be rectified by the next user with a little wiping….but I am talking about..*GAG*….URINE ALL OVER THE SEAT…a pool of URINE ON THE FLOOR….and then spray everywhere on the back part of the toilet…..I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE SEEN A TOILET SO DISGUSTING. DID SHE PEE STANDING UP?!!!!!!!!!!!!   Everyone lining up….stared at her and then the toilet..and then back at her….but she was so oblivious that she walked off as if nothing unusual had happened.

And then it makes me wonder. WHY IS IT THAT PEOPLE ARE RACIST AGAINST ASIANS? Fuck. At that point, even I was so embarrassed to have black hair and yellow skin.

A few years ago…I learned the reason why there are mysterious shoe-prints on toilet seats….and why some girls can pee without putting the toilet seat down. Many Asian girls pee squatting on top of the toilet seat…hence the cracked toilet seats in market square…. I can’t even squat on flat ground…let alone balance on top of a toilet seat…..Anyway… the girls who pollute our toilets…..

I don’t know how you pee at home…nor back in your native country..but here in Australia…. WE DO NOT PEE ALL OVER THE F*CKING TOILET CUBICLE. Please do not leave shoe-prints on the toilet seats…..masses of urine all over the floor….and we FLUSH THE TOILET. This is all basic courtesy and a bare minimum for bathroom etiquette. If you must squat…learn to aim somehow or something…and clean the up the bodily evidence before you leave. Leave the toilet clean for the next user. If you can’t respect these unspoken rules….please feel free to find your own tree to water or dig your own hole to excrete in.

Clean up your act. Keep our toilets clean!!!



6 thoughts on “Chaddy on racism and toilet hygiene.

  1. I agree 100%, I’m tired of walking into the toilets (especially in the elizabeth arcade) and finding piss and shit everywhere. Please people, only takes 30 seconds to create a toilet paper barrier between your arse and the seat. You look absolutely adorable

  2. Remember those racist kids that used to teased you when you were a kid? Sadly, you’ve become one of them! Next time, be considerate of where you came from and help out that poor girl by taking her aside and teaching her kindly the local customs instead of being an obnoxious brat and venting at her online. You should be above that considering your childhood.

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