Baking with Charm & Chaddy

I did so many things today. In the morning I went to RGB to get some large prints developed for the upcoming wedding expos, had lunch, got a hair cut and made a carrot cake (I did some of the stirring)…LOL

I met up with Charm in the afternoon and we thought that we’d embark on a bit of a baking adventure…. So we went to Coles, and whilst there, she did her grocery shopping and we googled a carrot cake recipe. The first thing that came up was a recipe from which you can find here.

We forced the occupants of my household to eat our cake and while most of the responses were positive, it seems as if either the recipe for the icing sucks or our culinary skills need some help. However, considering that the icing is just made by mixing a few ingredients together…I would probably blame the recipe!

Anyway…here are some photos…we were playing with the ISO 12800 in some of the photos…..As you can see Charm did most of the work…as well as cleaning up after my spillages…haha my poor mother was also chasing me around with a mop and a cleaning cloth the entire time we were baking hehe… Charm made the rabbit out of grated carrots and coffee beans for the eyes, and a white choc button for the nose- so creative!


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