DIY Home remedy for Wart Removal.

This is not a topic I ever intended on blogging so the following photos were just photos taken with my Iphone for documentation purposes. I am not a medical expert, and am not offering any medical advice, merely a remedy according to what I experienced.

We are all afraid of appearing grotesque to some extent or another. Our reputation is a commodity in itself, therefore we want to present ourselves in the best possible light- complete with sprinkles and shoe polish. We selectively blog and share with the online community our personalities as we WANT to be perceived. People are a bit squeamish when it comes to the topic of warts. Nevertheless someone has to do the dirty work and I’m not usually one to sugar-coat things to make things easier to swallow…  so I’ll volunteer myself for the job of sharing with you my journey on DIY wart removal. Before you lose your dinner over reading this post, I want to let you know that you’ll thank me someday when you too are unfortunate enough to grow your own little wart.

Firstly, how do you know that you have a wart? I particularly only want to talk about plantar warts. These are the nasty things that grow mainly on the bottom of your feet or toes caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). You can read more about this here on Wikipedia  Apparently they are highly contagious, but mine was pretty much self-contained and didn’t spread to anywhere else.

Other failed attempts at wart removal
I was fortunate enough to get one on the bottom of my foot about 2 years ago. I never thought too much about first I thought I had a blister from walking around for too long in heels in the rain. It didn’t bother me too much as it eventually grew callus over the top and I got used to the pain of walking over 2 years. In this period, I went to the a local GP to have it treated with liquid nitrogen on two occasions. It hurt like hell and didn’t heal as it was supposed to..instead….all the good skin around it got burnt and I had trouble walking for a week after each treatment even though it failed to help. So I tried some home remedies from the pharmacy. I bought Dr Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Remover and used about 4 applications before I gave up (nothing happened again). So I did some internet research and came across a home remedy which I want to share with you.

What do you need to get rid of this nasty thing is:
1. Apple Cider Vinegar. ANY apple cider vinegar. I went to Coles and bought a bottle of  Cornwell’s Apple Cider Vinegar which costs about $2.71 for a 375ml bottle.
2. Cotton Wool or Make-up pads
3. Medical Tape. or a bandage.
4. A bowl

How I got rid of my wart:

So firstly, you need to clean the area. After a shower, I hopped out on one foot to make sure the clean foot didn’t touch the ground again (you don’t want to cover up the area with any dust from your floor etc.) and jumped onto the edge of my bed. Pour a bit of APV (Apple cider vinegar) into a bowl (you don’t need to measure, just pour some into a bowl like Jamie Oliver style) and soak your make-up pad/ cotton ball in it for about 5 minutes so that it’s dripping wet. Then you place it on top of the wart and cover it with medical tape or a bandage. I would recommend using medical tape. I strapped this to my foot pretty tightly and left it on overnight.

In the morning, take it off, clean it again and reapply using the steps above. If you strap it well enough it should be sufficient so that you can walk on it without much of the APV leaking through.
On the second night, I found that the area had become more exposed, and the skin surrounding the wart had softened up and come off revealing some little black spots. It resembled a white crater of dead skin with some black spots in the middle …those are the wart’s roots. On the fourth day I was crying because it hurt so much to walk. I was also at work in heels which was a VERY BAD IDEA. Some people say you have to keep trimming it, but I just left it alone and continued the treatment.

Do this for about a week and the wart will turn BLACK, harden and fall off by itself.

It’s actually quite satisfying to see the whole chunk dislodge with a little bit of picking and fall out in one piece. Okay, I kind of used disinfected nail clippers to kind of pry the corner of it, then it came out in one piece. I continued doing this treatment for about 2 days after the wart fell off to make sure that everything had been killed and didn’t come back. If you don’t do this properly, then there is a high chance that the roots are still in tact and the wart is still alive. So here we go. This is the cheapest, most effective method of treatment for plantar warts. And you have nothing, but $3 to lose by giving up a week of your life to try it out.
So it’s pretty gross…..but here it is….the miracle one week cure to get rid of that stubborn nasty plantar wart! I have now been wart free for 4 months. 🙂


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  1. Oh yes. ACV is a lovely remedy. I had two small warts in my right thumb that I had for years. I did this for about a week (granted, I was a bit more brutal than you were since I cut mine out) and those warts haven’t come back for about 4-5 years now.

  2. Brand new to your blog, but found it when I was Googling home remedies for plantar warts. I, too, am fortunate enough to have not only one, but two of these little guys! I’m going to try your vinegar method starting tonight! Thanks for the pics – embarrassing, sure, but hugely helpful!
    Your blog is excellent, by the way! Following!
    Thanks again!

      • I had one planters wart and used duct tape and it was gone within 2 weeks. It was great. Nothing else to mess with. I left one piece on for a couple of days (showers and all) and it was gone. Its been 3 years and no wart.
        I thought it was a great fix.

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  4. Did it sting and burn when you put the ACV on? I found your home remedy by google and am currently on day 4 of treatment., its not yet hardened but it is sooo very sensitive and hurts to even out pressure on it. But it burns and stings so bad when I put the cotton ball of ACV on that I had to take it off today to give it a break! So, do I continue with the treatment?

      • I have the unfortunate gift of having THREE of these on my toes. Two are teeny, but still esteem affecting. I’m on my second day, and OH MY LORD DOES IT HURT! But if it means that these uglies will go away permanently, then so be it

    • I have used this remedy after using many prescriptions etc with no luck.
      The remedy works well and none of mine returned in the areas treated with the AC vinegar.
      Yes, mine became quite sore and uncomfortable.
      I would soak a tiny bit of a cotton ball in the Bragg’s ACV put it in the wart cover with a water proof band aid and leave it on over night. After 2 or 3 nights it would be sore enough I couldn’t treat it any longer. Mine never get hard but become more in appearance like cauliflower sprinkled with black pepper. They tend to crumble off. After a few days when the soreness lightens up I would repeat the treatments until it’s gone.
      This worked where nothing the dermatologist gave me did. My dermatologist was quite surprised when I shared this with her.

  5. I wish I had seen this 15 years ago!!!! I was in junior high and had gone to the public pool. I ended up with about 6 of these on one foot!!! I was too afraid to have them “burned” off, so I opted for acid treatments. I was in the office once a week for treatments, which included scraping the top with a scalpel, then dropping acid on it. You can imagine the pain!
    I still get that pain just talking about it! Luckily, I have never had another one, but will remember this if I ever do again!!!

  6. Great article…
    HPV or Human Papilloma Virus belongs to a group of viruses that affect the skin and mucous membranes of human beings. Most people who have HPV will not have any symptoms. However, certain types of HPV strands can cause genital warts in men and women, and other types can cause cancer.
    A Healthy lifestyle, right nutrition and regular sleep; foods containing Beta Carotene, Folic Acid or Yeast free B Complex, Vitamin C like tomatoes, garlic, fish and herbs such as Hyperisince Mysorense, Echinacea, Phyllanthus emblica are known to boost immunity. Most plants of the Hypericum family have also been studied to have anti-viral effects.

    • Is this safe to use and affective for HPV warts? I’ve gone to the doctor, 3 actually, and they don’t seem concerned at all about them cuz they’re so small but I want it gone!! 😞

      • All warts are caused by various strains of the HPV virus. I’m assuming you are talking about genital warts? If that is the case, I wouldn’t recommend any home remedies…that’s a pretty sensitive area that you don’t want to mess around with. I would bring your concerns back to your doctor before trying anything like this! good luck 🙂

      • As long as they aren’t close to your lady bits, it should work. Try wetting a VERY SMALL piece of rolled up cotton. Nothing bigger than a drop of water. Hold it on with those tiny, round band-aids.

      • Are you kidding me? What kind of doctors did you see? They need to come off as soon as possible. These little things can spread, and then you’ll have a much bigger problem. If you’re a sporty type, they can spread through friction in the area. They have to come off!

  7. I’ve had 2 planters warts. 1 after the other. I had to have both of my surgically removed. It is a much better treatment. It has been over 7 years since I’ve had the treatment. It’s much better to see a doctor because it can be a lot larger than it appears from the outside. With the first procedure I had to have 7 stitches. The planters wart was a lot larger than we expected. I would stronger suggest seeing a doctor first.

  8. I’ve had one of these for years and years, and I never knew what it was!
    Just ordered myself a bottle of apple cider vinegar (its hard to find here so I’ve bought it online) and I really cannot wait to give this a go!
    Thanks so much for this post, been really helpful, particularly because you’ve included pictures 🙂

  9. I have tried a wheat penny. You know the penny that has the wheat on the back. It works the same way. I would put it on with tape before I would go to bed and within a couple of days it turned black and feel off. The skin around your wart will turn green because of the copper but it will wash off. This will work on planter warts as well as on your hands.

  10. I didn’t find it gross at all it was very interesting. About 15 years ago I had one on my knuckle. I went to the doctor and he burnt it off, now that was gross. If I ever get one again I would sure give this a try. Thanks

  11. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Firstly, for helping me identify the weird crater on my foot and secondly for giving me a remedy!!!! Thank you 🙂

  12. Thanks so much for posting this!

    I am ending day two and it hurts like crazy! It’s green in the center, which seems like progress, but there is a constant burning ache. Is that normal?

  13. Thank you so much for this! I’ve had a bunch on both feet, yuck! I tried the duct tape but it never worked. Recently my doctor tried freezing them off one foot, and like you it hurt for a week. I’m on day 3 and I’m seeing such greats results, so once again, thank you!

  14. This would actually work for any wart, being that Verrucas (Plantar Warts) are the same thing as all other warts (it is just called Plantar because Plantar refers to feet and the constant pressure on the bottom of your feet is the reason why it goes in instead of raises).

    The black spots are in fact blood vessels that are visible in which are supplying blood to the wart and not “seeds” or “roots” like most people believes.

    • This makes sense. I had one that started out like a window that you could see through. I could see a tiny stream of blood filling up the window. It was the strangest thing.

    • The black may be blood vessels but let me tell you they have roots too. I had one in the same spot as pics and from walking it pushed the root all the way to my big toe. Had it removed due to infection from self treating and when the doctor cut it out he had to cut BOTH ends and I could feel him pulling it out through the one end.

      • Say whaaaaat?! That just sounds so unbelievable! Do you have pics we could see? I’ve never even heard of something like that. I’m wondering if that’s happened to anyone else? How did the doc do it? Had he had cases similar to yours? Was he quite surprised at this, or did he already know? Is there a way to tell you have this all the way through to your toes? Sorry so many questions: while fascinating and disturbing at once, I’m wondering if my situation might be similar. Any telltale indicators that might be different than a typical case? Also, is treatment same, or different? Thanks for any info you can give 🙂

    • Same. My toe is completely pruny so I’m going to let it air out for an hour then reapply. Was wondering if everyone else had that issue as well or am I using too much vinegar?

      • I let mine dry out for a couple hours last night and then used a pumice stone on it to scrap off the dead skin. Reapplied the vinegar and this morning it looked like the vinegar was much more effective overnight. I think I’m going to do that again tonight. We’ll see! 🙂

  15. Are you keeping the ACV on day and night, just changing it out each morning? Soooo sick of having these on my foot, they’ve become so painful at times! Thank you so much for this post!!!

  16. i will be trying this tonight i have about 10-20 on one foot and 3 on the other.. dr tells me its nothing but i have had them for 2 years and they are so painful the last week has been hard to walk…i will update soon 🙂 Thank you for this blog 🙂

    • The doctor says that because they aren’t on HIS feet. Year’s ago, I had many (too many to count, as they were so close), and I loved to swim. That was horrible! I wish I had known this idea. My grandmother used some “voodoo-type” (?) method. She rubbed a thread on the bottom of my foot, and then was to tie a knot in the thread, one for each wart. Bury the string, and when it rotted, the warts would be gone. I was around 10, but still knew that was weird. Over a year passed and one day, SERIOUSLY, I realized the warts were gone. WEIRD! I’d rather have had just a week in pain, but my husband has a wart between his toes, and I’m gonna try the ACV method.

      • Hey, cool. I’ve heard someone call this kind of stuff ‘sympathetic magic’, or something like that. What she was actually doing, however, was harnessing the power of the mind. I guess you can do that in different ways and this was one of them.

  17. Interesting article! Many people don’t have so much luck with apple cider vinegar. As I check huge number of reviews it seems that salicylic acid is the best solution among all home remedies. But you give us other proof, so I will check more about this technique, thank you for sharing your experience with us!

    Best regards,

    Luke Munchowsky

  18. I am on day two and let me tell you the pain is so bad I could kill… But I have had this nasty thing on my foot for like 2 years and I have tried the dr scholls stuff and it did nothing so I am hoping this pain is worth or and it goes away… I will let you know in two to three days if it is gone

  19. Hi,Thanks so much for posting this! i have a qusetion!
    did you apply the other wet make up pad immediately after take the old one off? I mean my foot have to bandage with APV all this 5 days?

    • If I am a dancer do you think I should wait to try this until after my season?? Or souls I get it over with now? I have had this thing for months and it hurts really bad.

      • If you have a week off I’d say do it then, if not wait til after the season or your break or something. I play soccer so i’m waiting til after my season

  20. Oh geez! I wish I would have known about this treatment years ago!!! I got one when I was a teenager. I had it frozen off twice, but it just came back and hurt! I finally just started digging it out each night with a pair of tweezers and soaking it with hydrogen peroxide. It was the most painful thing ever, and I would bleed like crazy, but I eventually got rid of it that way. Apple Cider Vinegar sounds a little more appealing if I get one again. Thanks!

  21. I’m trying this treatment tonight. I’ve had a large plantar wart for almost 10 years. It doesn’t hurt at all, but i’m embarrassed for others to see it at the beach and it prevents me from getting pedicures done.

    I’ve tried the freeze off procedure, but with a wart as deeply rooted as mine it doesn’t really do anything. Even after going to the doctors on 5 separate visits, 2 weeks apart!

    Fingers crossed that this works, I’ll update on my progress.

    • I know this is an older post and comment. But I have a plantar wart on my big toe for 10+ years (that only a few months had realized had spread into 2-3 more) and have been doing the duct tape treatment for about two weeks and am not sure it’s working, although I am starting to see green areas developing on the warts and under some nearby calloused skin.

      But since you also had your wart for a long time, I’m wondering what kind of luck you had with this removal technique. Thank you.

      • This is going to sound silly but I had two one foot….had no idea abut this home treatment, but about a year ago I remembered my grandmother used vinager for everthing! I have always had stinky feet, so I filled a little spray bottle with vinager and spray it on every time I change socks or shoes….small is gone and so are warts

  22. I have atleast 15 on my foot and I started this treatment today… I hope it works! Mine are really bad….. :/ I too so I feel mine often

  23. I second this unfortunately I had to have surgery on the bottom of my foot for this the hole was pretty deep and to my dismay it came back!!!!! I ended up searching as you did for home remedies because I WAS NOT being cut on again!! I did this and so far wart free for at least a year and a half!!! I bleach out the shower good tho so it won’t return!!!!😊

  24. I’ve been doing this for a week and I can barely walk it hurts so bad. It’s black in the middle but still white around the edge. It’s smaller than a dime but still a pretty good size wart and I’ve had it for about 3 years. Has anyone else has a similar case and still had luck with ACV? I don’t want to stop because I don’t want it to just keep growing if it’s about to die. But I’m not sure how long I should keep this up before I give up?

    • Tina, did you end up sticking with it and did it eventually come off? I feel like I’m in the same spot as you were when you made this post. It’s big and black in the middle, white around the edges and has been like this for a few days now. I’m around day 6 now and saw a lot of progress in the beginning and now it’s just a large black middle. It hurts a lot but I’m willing to stick with it if it’s going to work!

      • I had one that I got rid of using the ACV method several years ago (and I had had the actual wart for 2-3 years). I kept it saturated with the ACV all day for a few days. I also used a pumice stone to CAREFULLY “trim” the dead skin away each day. (Yes, it will probably be very sensitive and maybe even a little painful to do this. But it helps.) Once it starts to turn white around the edges and black in the middle you should be able to get rid of it completely. I used a pumice stone once again to do this, and the entire thing came out at once. It was fascinating!

  25. Hi, I’ve had my plantar wart for about two years now, it’s little and hasn’t grown in size for the time it’s been there. I went to the podiatrist and she thought it was a callus so we just scraped all the dead skin away, then once she got under she saw it was a wart the next day I immediately went and had it frozen off but that just left me in too much pain that I couldn’t even walk in it. After 3 days if freezing I had enough of waiting so I found this site and decided to try it out I’m on my second day and it doesn’t hurt like other peoples experiences I just get a little sharp pain every hour or so, is this normal? When will I start to see an improvement? Or feel the pain? I don’t care how painful it will be I just want it gone!!!!!! Please help!!!!!

    • I had to do it for 7-8 days. Wearing the acv only at night. On the 8th day (probably could’ve done it on the 7th) I started to pick at the edges and it came right off!

      • what did you do during the day to the wart? Did you just wear your socks or did you keep it covered with a band-aid until you reapplied the acv?

      • I am undergoing the same treatment. What I do is I soak cotton pads in ACV and then I wrap it up with duct tape overnight. Last night I even applied the dressing as soon as I got home from work. I left it on for 3-4 hours, took a shower and then did the same thing again, I have completed 4 nights of this treatment. The first evening that I did it, I only had band aids available, so I am afraid that overnight, the cotton pads did not keep its moisture. So I don’t think that was as effective as the duct tape.

        The 2nd and 3rd evenings though, I used duct tape so the next day, I saw significant changes. There were dark spots all over. Last night, I finished my 4th night of the treatment. The pain may have been unbearable because I woke up in the middle of the night and snipped off the dressing because it was hurting and it woke me up.

        When I checked this morning though, it was mostly black in the middle. I can see though that the outer ring is not as dark as it is in the middle. This might mean that I have a couple more days to go. I think I will apply the dressing for 3 more evenings (to complete 7 days of the treatment). After that, I plan to just let it dry and hope that it will just fall off.

        A few things, I’ve had this “baby” for about over 5 years now. It never bothered me until I decided to work out and jump around. It felt like I was jumping on a pebble. Not cool.

        In the day, I just wear normal socks and shoes without any dressing so that I could let it breathe.

        I think it’s important to do this overnight because our body does its “repairing” while we sleep. I think this is why it’s more effective in the evening than it is in the day.

        Cheers and good luck everyone!

  26. OH MY!!! This method works WONDERFUL!! I have true everything under the sun and came across this as a last resort. With home remidies working about 50/50. I figured I had nothing to lose! Boy! 8 days of just doing this at night ad poof! Wart gone! It was painful but worth it! I’ve had a wart on my foot for years and finally something that worked. Thank you thank you thank you. I will swear by and recommend this method to anyone!!!

  27. It’s working!!! I have super sensitive skin so i can only leave it on there a few hours at a time, but it’s working! Mine had shrank a lot because i had used other methods but I have not been able to get rid of it. I see the black coming the the surface now and the crater part around my foot fell of today. It’s been a year since I didn’t have a bump on my foot! I found the best method for me was to use part of a maxi pad because it’s very absorbent and flat so I can walk with ease. I tear a piece off, put it in the vinegar and let it soak. I also use plastic wrap from a dollar store roll that I cut into a tube that fits the area better. I either pre-wrap my foot with the plastic and leave the wart exposed and put the pad on it, then wrap the entire area well or I use vaseline on my foot and leave the wart exposed then place the pad and wrap the entire thing. Both help to protect the rest of my foot from the vinegar. The vaseline makes things very slippery though so I only use this while sleeping. I could not get tape to stick and I found that plastic wrap is perfect and so easy to get off. Thank you for this!!!! I had a bad experience with freezing a wart (I bit the doctor when I was 4) and was desperate to not go that route. I could hug you!!

  28. I love this! My daughter had ugly wart that wouldn’t go away.We tried everything! I came across this article on pinterest and was very skeptical but I was desperate to get rid of it. It worked like a charm! I love this so much that I posted a link to this in an article on my blog, “Tips and tricks for kids you will wish you knew earlier”
    Thank you soooo much!

  29. I have been doing this treatment to my daughter. This is awesome, I have taken her to the dermatology and nothing worked it seemed he didn’t know what my Daughtet had She got both of her hands with lots of blisters that turned into warts since she was in elementary from playing on the monkey bars
    5 years pass and thank God for this easy and cheap remedy. I love it

  30. So I tried this and today was the third day. I can no longer do it. My entire heel is bright white and hurts like hell. It basically feels like a horrible burn. And I’m not sure how to make it feel better but I know I definitly can’t go on with the treatment. Not to sure what to do now besides not touch it bc I want to cry with out even touching it. 😦

    • Tory,

      I am in the same predicament. I am also on the third day and this morning I could not properly walk. I was limping. But you gotta keep at it! I am going to do it for 1 more week and I will try to withstand the pain. Know that you’re not the only who is going through this. You can do it! Do not stop! 🙂

    • Hi Tory,

      I saw your comment and I had the exact same experience until I started using Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. Its Organic and unpasteurized. The over processed stuff tore my foot all up but I was able to use Braggs with no trouble at all. I have also had luck with Thuja pills ( $4.19 from Pure Formula online) or Thuja oil ( Hwarts from Healing Natural oils) if you want to try another method. I had a wart for ten years and it started spreading. The newbies I was able to wipe out with just the vinegar but the original one I ended up using all three methods simultaneously and I kicked it in less than a month. Good luck!

  31. I had a huge ugly wart on my hand and nothing I tried worked. I finally realized that I could make it smaller and less noticable if I used a nail file and filed it down each morning. I put a nail file by the toilet and filed it until it bled each morning, I put a dab of alcohol on right after eventually it disappeared. The filing stunted the grow and the alcohol dried it out. Make sure u designate a wart only nail file.

  32. OMG! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Have had 1to on the side of my big toe for bout a year now. I’m off tomorrow so gonna start this tonight! I’ll update on my progress. Thanks again. Kelly

      • Hey Alyssa,

        That is exactly what you should be doing. You have to let it breathe during the day so that it can dry up.

  33. Thanks Rich. I wasn’t sure because the instructions sounded like you are supposed to have it on all day & night for the 7 days which wouldn’t be possible for me. Does it take longer than 7 days for the wart to go away only doing it at night? Tonight will be night #5 for me, I feel like I’m making some progress but definitely don’t feel like it will just fall off tomorrow or the next day.

  34. Been doing this for almost a week and its very painful. I have two of these I just keep replying this method and hope that it soon works !! I cant stand it anymore!!

  35. Well I done it!!! Its gone but it took 3-4 weeks!! Just hang in there and the acv will kill the planter wart!!!Dont give up stay strong hurts like he$$!!! I can walk straight again and wear my pretty shoes!Thanks soooo much for sharing!

    • Wendy,

      Any signs of them coming back? I have been doing this now for about a week and the black center just came off, but looked different from the above picture. Did yours look like that? Did you continue the treatment after the center fell out? After the center of mine fell off it still looks black at the bottom of the hole…did yours look like that?

      I’m really hoping this will kill it. It hurts like heck and I’m ready to be done!!

    • As soon as it falls off does it stop hurting? I’m on day 5 and in soooo much pain. I’m off of work for 3 days so thank gosh. I just don’t want to give up.

  36. I was able to remove one last year with this method, but I should have kept with it for a few days after because it came back and spread. I now have a cluster of 5 of these ugly little things but I have been treating them for over a week now. It’s so interesting how different everyone’s experience is with this. I haven’t had any pain at all and I fully anticipate having to do this for 3-4 weeks. I triple up with my bandage at night. I do the cotton pad with the acv ( I only use a small piece so it doesn’t kill too much of the healthy skin around the warts), then I cover that with some duct tape, then I cover that with plastic wrap, then I tape it down with medical tape. During the day I keep duct tape and a bandaid on it. I know several people say it needs to dry out, but my way of thinking is to suffocate the nasty bugger. Don’t give air to grow. Besides it’s flip flop season and I feel like if I don’t cover it up that the germs will continue to spread. Works for me!
    Incidentally, i also have very dry heels and I had a podiatrist suggest wrapping your heels in plastic wrap after applying some good lotion. (I put socks on after that. I only do it at night. ) my heels are looking great!

  37. Good Post! I don’t know if plantar warts are genetic or not, but absolutely everyone on my mom’s side of the family has had them for as long as I can remember. My grandmother often said that apple cider vinegar was the best way to eliminate these nasty things, but I’ve been trying ACV on my youngest daughter for a week now with no improvement at all. Is there a particular brand or “type” of ACV I need to be using?

    • I tried with the regular store brand ACV and it tore up my foot :(. Then I tried Braggs organic raw ACV and it worked!

  38. I’m trying this as we speak. I’ve had the same wart for almost 5 years but hasn’t speed thankfully over the years. I have tried everything in the book that says “wart removal” and went to the doctors for a weekly application. But it didn’t want to leave my heel at all and kinda made it uncomfortable to walk around at times. So far I have a tingling sensation which that I get with the wart removals anyhow so I know it is working but I will see how it goes within the week. I’m hoping I can get rid of this so I can go for a pedicure with my friend, never had one and I was told they won’t allow anyone with warts to get it done. 😦 thanks for the tip and hopefully it works for me.

  39. Been doing this for 3 days now. I have kept the ACV on the wart morning and night so it has been a lot. This is one of the most painful things I have done. There is definitely black rising to the surface, but it seems to be covered by some skin. I have been filing it down, but there’s still skin covering it. Should I be trimming this anymore? Should I be giving my foot more of a rest in between treatments?

    Hoping this will work!!

  40. Ew, that’s what I have on the bottom of my feet!? Like 2to on one and 1the on the other! I thought from all the walking it was just blisters turned to holes! Thank you random pinterest browsing. Ew

  41. I have one under my nail I can’t get ride of, I’ve had it froze off at the doctors and it came back I’ve tried the banana peel treatment that didn’t work now I’m giving this a go, I’m on day five it’s only a little bit shriveled but it’s making my skin peel pretty bad not by the wart but on none effected area is that normal?

    • Ok for all you guys suffering with the things that nearly made me give up; unbearable stinging pain & red raw skin; I think I found a solution!
      I have 8 of these horrid things, one the size of a pound coin. Found that the pain is caused by the acid in the vinegar burning the healthy skin, as it’s bound to run a little when taped down. I tried vaseline but then the tape wont stick. So I taped micropore tape around the verruca so only the wart is exposed through the hole (it works better and is cheaper than corn rings). And it totally stopped all the burning and the pain!! So now I can attack the evil beasts!
      Happy wart zapping people!!!

      • I’ve continued the apple cider treatment and one day 15 and honestly it doesn’t look any different hasn’t turned black or anything looks the same as it didn’t with the first comment I posted I’m pretty disappointed , so guess I’ll be looking for something else that actually works….

      • Brittany, I have been killing these things for years and I have found that different warts require different treatments. I have had success with ACV, Thuja oil from Healing Natural Oils, simply soaking in epsom salt water, Oregano oil, and recently taking probiotics. The reason we get them is because there is a weakness in our immune system so finding where is key. This last time the usual treatments weren’t working and I happened to notice that the wart was on my foot in the area that represent the colon (google Vita Flex points) and I have been having some mild issues there so I tried soaking in epsom salt and taking probiotics to treat the colon and I am seeing results. Try soaking in the salt water, even regular salt water. It really helps dry those suckers out. Good luck! I know its frustrating!

  42. Just wanted to say thanks for posting this blog! I had a 5 year old with three very painful plantars warts on the same foot. Two are totally gone after trying your method. The third is on it’s way out. She has had these for months, and cried because they hurt. After two years of my dad having one, he too is trying it and seeing results! Thank you!

  43. I am so grossed out by my OWN warts and I’m desperate to get rid of them! You get so tired of repeated freezing treatments not working. My “mother” plantar wart is 4 years old and her 5 “kids” are all about a year. They “don’t just go away,” and I’m pretty healthy 🙂

    Sitting here tonight on day 1— hoping for the best!!

    • I’m on day one too I really hope it goes away! I have quite a few over my hand and feet! I’m trying this on my 3 on my left thumb! How did your treatment work out?

  44. Wow yeah this Does work. You just need to keep at it, I tried it a few times last year, and gave up way too early bc it hurt to walk. I thought It was dead when in fact it wasnt. I tried it a few months later when I realized it came back, n kept at it n it torally worked

  45. The black spots are called spores. They are blood vessels. Be careful when these appear as these are what are contagious. Wear gloves and cover foot when walking to not get virus on floors. Some people get rid of plantar wart then get several warts on their fingers because they didn’t know this. Also, even though virus can live on wet surfaces, it’s also common on dry, hard floors.

    I read up on these. Have had one for 3 years and have spent $100 about 5 times to freeze it off. Barely working at all so I’ll try the penny method first, then the apple cider vinegar method. Thanks! I hope to get rid of this.

  46. Well I had never heard of the apple cider vinegar method until I read this post. In August my son (age 8) picked up a verruca and I was desperate to find a non painful answer to getting rid of it.

    We tried the apple Cider Vinegar but took a gentle approach. Each night I would dip a cotton bud in the vinegar and put a drop onto the verruca. We would then cover it with a plaster leave it until the next night when we would do the same thing. The plaster would need replacing after he showered but we only did the vinegar at night. Because it was only a drop of vinegar it didn’t cause any pain.

    It took a few weeks for it to start turning black but we continued with the process every night just the same. It started raising up above the surface of the skin and looked pretty black and hard. After another couple of weeks I put on some rubber gloves and gave it a gentle tug from the corner and the whole thing just lifted out. It was hard and looked like a small pebble or bit of grit but when it came out it didn’t hurt and there was no blood, just a big pit in my sons foot….but a beautifully clean, dot free pit!!

    We have continued to put the apple cider vinegar on it just to be on the safe side for a few days but I couldn’t be more pleased!

    • Hi there! I have a planter wart on the ball of my foot. I have had it for one to two years, but just recently it started to hurt. It’s not black, but like an ugly color and it feels like there’s a small piece of glass in my foot. I definitely don’t want any pain because it hurts enough already. And also, what is a plaster? Please help. I need to get rid of this thing because it hurts to walk. I haven’t tried anything except for the duct tape, but that hurts to peel off. I need a painless way. Thank you so much! -Riley

  47. thanks for reminding me to use ACV again for another reason 👍… I’ve had this wart on my hand for a year now after trying multiple dr. scholls & even a Doctor appt which cost me alot $$$.
    my hubby even used it to get rid of minor moles, bigger ones require a dermatologist.
    it has only been 2 nights so far (because I can’t really go through a work day with a bandaged hand) & already see black dot! my palm is slightly sore, so I know it’s working…
    good idea to use this on warts & tri, if need be.

  48. I’m so glad I can across this on Pinterest! I’ve had a planters wart for several years now and never knew how to get rid of it. I just started this last night have already can tell a huge difference. I’ve got the crater and hurts like heck. I’ve got it wrapped up during day two like you had said but was wondering if you put it on during the day the rest of the time?? Love that you added pics!! Great help!!

  49. I am on day #1 of this treatment. Had two verrucas for ten years now and I am sick of them. Don’t hurt just embarrassing. Will update!

  50. I had one of these things about ten years ago, I worked in a hospital so i was on my feet alot. I thought it was a callus as well until it got to hurting so bad with little weight on it. I had to have it surgically removed and ended up with 8-9 stitches, so it must have been pretty big. I find this interesting because I never knew a wart to have roots or look like that. Blah. They are definitely contagious because after the stitches were removed I ended up with a whole row of them on the incision line, we froze those off.

  51. It worked for me!! I’ve had this plantars wart for almost 7 years–I learned how to tolerate and ignore it. I stumbled across this blog on Pinterest and decided to give it a shot.
    For the first 5 days I was really skeptical. I felt no pain as some others have expressed experiencing, and there was no black spot. It just looked like the pit was getting softer and deeper…not the results I wanted. But I decided to keep going until something did happen. By the 8th day it started to turn black and harden, and by the 9th day I could dig it out. Day 10 I did the final clean out of the pit to make sure there were no more traces. It’s gone!
    During treatment I also soaked my foot in a water/lemon oil/acv mix for 20 mins every other day. After the soak I used a pumice stone to clean up my foot and remove excess skin around the wart. I did the acv cotton ball day and night. On days 7, 8, and 9, though, I let my foot air out during the day and did treatment at night.
    Thank you for posting this!

  52. It worked for me but after about a week to 8 days i had to stop using the cotton ball and the acv because it hurt soooooo much. Then i resorted to just duct tape and wore it day and night. By the 11th day it was completely gone. I dug it out and over the nxt week cleaned off all the dead skin. 8 months later its still gone 🙂

  53. I have actually been dealing with this problem for probably 2 years started with left foot and I got it under control and bearable then the right one started! And boy let me tell you that is some excruciating pain! So i went with my mom for her Dr appt today and asked him what I should do and he told me to use the apply cider vinegar and duck tape! I hope this works I’m tired of the pain and the way I’m walking has caused the bone to push out the side and the tendons in my lower legs to stretch! Prayers plz!

  54. I’m pretty sure I’m doing this wrong? Are you supposed to be leaving this on ALL the time or only at night??? I’ve only been keeping it on at night and it’s not making much of a difference

  55. I’ve had a wart on the top of my big toe and it’s keeping me from wearing sandals (this is driving me crazy!). I’ve tried doctor scholls freeze away, wart removal, and castor oil with duct tape…nothing. SO… I’m on day three of your method and it’s turning black, hurts like the dickens, and is working! I’m looking forward to the final result. Thanks for sharing!

  56. just started this! i have two warts on my right palm, one on my left thumb, one on my right middle toe and one on my left heal
    starting with the heel and one of the palm ones first, since they bother me the most. if this works i will continue with all the others! i will update with my results!

  57. The pics are good motivation to not give up! I’m in day 3 of using ACV and tape after getting fed up of having a smallish verruca for over 2 years trying to get rid of it on and off. I dug out as much of the White ring as possible without making it bleed and started from there as am impatient! It’s going quite white at the moment really hope it works like it did for u….it must have been so satisfying once it was gone! My foot dream is to lie on a sun lounger on holiday with my lovely smooth feet in full view not hiding it under a towel or flip flop! Mind u having said that I will probably be paranoid of getting another by the pool if this one has gone by then!

    • OH my word it’s day 3 for me too. You and I share the same dream. I can’t wait for the day that these ugly warts are gone and I won’t have to hide my feet from people. We got this! Good luck!! This really tests my patients….

      • 👣👣👣 how’s it going With the treatment Carissa? They r such a pain! I’m still going with it has been a couple of weeks now and it’s still not turned black, but even though it is small ish I think it’s quite deep as have been filing down and it’s quite a big hole! I think/hope I’ve got quite far down now as was having a poke around and it was on the verge of bleeding (the black dots 😷) so am vinegaring it a few times a day now, this is the first time it has stung a bit so am hoping have got to the root now. The black dots do appear a bit bigger now really hope it’s going to turn black, drop off and DIE!!! So disgusting! But am going to keep persevering to follow the dream! Good luck with yours fingers (and toes!) crossed our feet will be summer ready soon!

  58. so I started this at home remedy on my planter warts, I have 9, all on my feet. I’m on day 3. Holy moly is it ever an annoying pain. The one I have had the longer Is the one that is bigger than the others. This one hurts the most. I’ve had these warts for 2 yrs going on 3. I just want them gone so bad!

    So here’s the question…
    Yesterday I took a pumice and filed down the little creator walls that were surrounding the warts. My skin is fairly hard around it today and the creator walls are back.

    Do I keep using the pumice stone to get rid of skin around the wart?

  59. I just started this treatment with regular white vinegar and I’m seeing the exact same results. I’m hoping this thing finally goes away. I’ve had it on my toe for over two years and nothing has worked before. This seems to be working though. After just one night the wart is already black!

  60. I’ve had a planter wart on my foot for about 3 years now. (I got after a pedi) I’ve cut it off. Tried to acid stuff I got from the store and it just keeps growing! Its the size of a quarter now and you can see all the seeds. I put the acv on it an you can already see a difference. And smaller ones all around I would have never noticed! Hoping it gets rid of it for good

  61. When I was 18 I made the unfortunate mistake in staying at a place where everyone shared the shower. I didn’t know to wear flip flops. So I ended up with over 100 in clusters of planter warts all over my foot. I had to undergo many treatments of liquid nitrogen. I couldn’t work as my foot swelled so much I wasn’t able to put my shoe on. Due to the severe pain I couldn’t walk either. Finally after all the treatments I have never had any return. This was 32 years ago. Needless to say whenever I went to the pool I wore flip flops in the shower & never stayed anywhere where a bunch of people shared the shower.

  62. Oh, I forgot to mention because I had so many apple cider vinegar would not have helped me. I had no choice but to go the route of liquid nitrogen. An with having so many it was brutal but worth it.

  63. I got them twice.
    The first time, my brother brought them home from the school locker room showers. I tried wart remover pads, I tried Freeze-Off, I tried everything and had no results. Eventually I couldn’t handle the pain anymore (I had several of them) and just started soaking it every night and cutting off as much of it as I could tolerate. I wouldn’t recommend this because it hurt like the dickens and took forever to properly heal.
    The second time I got them, there were two on my heel, and I refuses to cut up my foot again. So I googled home remedies and discovered the miracle of Frankincense essential oil. I just put a little on my finger (a q-tip or cotton pad works also) after showering and rubbed just enough on the warts to see the gleam in the light. I put a sock on overnight to let my skin absorb the oil (if you can’t handle socks at night, medical tape it). After four days, I could tell the difference. There was no pain and within about 10 days they were completely gone.

  64. I’ve always used wool fat to get rid of my plantar warts. It takes longer than the vinegar apparently, but doesn’t cause any additional pain/damage to the area. The only problem I have had with wool fat is it can soak through some tapes/bandages and leave a grease stain on your socks, best bandage for it is a makeup pad and duct tape. It also helps draw out splinters, can be used for minor burns, cuts, and scrapes. You can find it at farm supply stores like TSC, or in the horse supplies in the pet dept at Walmart.

  65. Just take Vitamin E. Worked for me 20 years ago. Worked for my son 5 years ago and just worked for my niece last month.

  66. I’ve been doing this for 3 days and night’s and all that’s happened has been happening is the skin puffing up and turning white around it is that normal because I stopped the treatment for the time being

  67. Many years ago i had a Plantar wart – it hurt like i had a shard of glass in my heel. iwent to foot doctor, and he burned it out – yikes!
    Then about a month later, i got another, and then another and more and more – over the next few months I had as may as 13. I used method similar to the ACV except using castor oil. I kept the wart covered with gauze pads with the oil on the wart and medical tape holding it on my heel. I kept it out of the shower, but did wash and change th bandaging evry day. After a week, I could see the wart sarting to work out of my heel. I soaked my foot in hot salt water – using a dishpan that I didn’t use for anything else! After about 12 days, I took a tweezer and loosened the dried up skin surrounding the wart, and then, lifted the wart out. I continued to do this each time a new one appeared.
    the key to this is keeping yor wart completely covered and isolated. do not use the tweezers or dishpan for anything else. I dried my foot after washing it with paper towels.

    ACV or Castor oil will draw out the impurities but remeber that it may spread if all of the virus is not drawn out Just continue your method.
    I have no scars and after that time, i never got another. I also do not walk barfoot anywhere but home!

  68. My wart had spread around the toes over about three years (but they don’t hurt). Finally decided to do something about them. Heard from so many people that they come back again and again even after the doctor freezes, burns, etc and decided it wasn’t worth the money. Found this article. It’s been 2 weeks, wearing the ACV day and night, and the biggest of the warts finally came off! Going to do a few more days to get the tiny surrounding strangulars (didn’t even know they existed until the treatment revealed them). I did have a lot of pain, as others did, and lost a lot of surrounding skin and had to take some breaks because I was scared I was killing too much skin. I also used cocoa butter on the surrounding skin as it felt raw. Totally worth it!!!! Thank you sooooo much for sharing. It’s been such a big help!

  69. Are you suppose to only bandage the area at night? I have only bandaged the area for one night but it is extremely moist and not dry as shown in the photos.

    Thank u!

  70. I have tried simple thing, is that you take cotton and have some baking powder on it and wrapped it around that area very tight keep it for 1-2 days…check agin. It should come out automatically. Don’t have to do anything. If it doesn’t come out do it again the same thing. You will see the results. It works every time for me.😊

  71. I wanted to post here about my experience with this recently. I’ve had a big wart on my big toe for about 5 years. Recently went to the doctor to have it frozen off and all it did was spread like crazy (about 5 new ones!) I tried the stuff you buy at the pharmacy as well and it didn’t help any, not to mention it is crazy expensive.
    I thought I’d give this a shot even though a lot of people are saying its painful. I have a very high pain tolerance with tattoos and piercings etc.
    I used soaked cotton pads and would use duct tape to hold it in place (I find medical tape irritates my skin when taken on and off?)then, I wore 4 socks over my foot for any leaking it might do. I would leave this on all day, including when sleeping but I would remove for two hours at a time when I felt my skin was getting too pruney. Around the 3rd day I could see the black rising to the top on the smaller of the warts, but after that started happening the pain was very bad. I found it nearly impossible to walk on my foot, but I kept pressing on. On the 6th day, all the warts had the black at the top and looked very pealy but decided to keep pressing on to make sure they were dead. My mom went to see the doctor around this time and asked him about it because of the pain I was in. He said this method does work but if I’m in pain I need to give it a rest for awhile because it is becoming irritated. I covered my foot in a few socks and let it rest for 24 hours without anything on it. After this time I took a look at it and started pealing at it with clean clippers. If you’ve ever picked off a wart with clippers before you know that when you get down to the bottom it doesn’t look much like fresh skin, it still looks like a wart. But now when I picked them off, underneath was fresh pink skin, like when you skin your knee. If I poked at it too much it would start bleeding. This worked well for me! Thank you very much for this post because before this I had never heard about this method 🙂

  72. I’m going through the same process like you, i’ve tried few methods which works for everyone but not for me? Salicylic acid and Cryotherapy (Wartner version) doesn’t work on me at all. i’ve been carrying this wart on my finger like over 2 decades now, using nail clipper to clip it like every 2 or 3 days to remove the dead/rough/harden skin and i’m tired of doing it anymore, annoyed when people ask me what the thing growing on my finger. So finally decided to google some other method and try to deal with it once and for all, a bottle of ACV don’t cost much if you compare with those expensive medicine for wart but i wonder it really show the result.

    Just to share my experience, it’s my 3rd days with this treatment~ as i not sure how to do it correctly~ i’m applying it day and night with maybe 2-3 hours to let it dry every evening after i took a bath. First 2 days was nothing but like bee sting on you and you get little pain overtime, but today i was like~~ how many days i’m going to endure it haha it’s not as pain as Ulcer but still you get that sensation of like someone put salt on your wound. It’s promising i can said as of now, after the 1st day i can see partial of the wart started to turn black. Worth the pain every time you take off and saw the result…. looking forward for wart free hand.. will update maybe few days later. I have a 3 months old verruca as well but can’t treat it now as i got a marathon to run.

    • OK, forget to update… I soaked it day and night for like 6days straight, its painful but well not as pain as I thought. On the 6th days it actually crack a little and got liquid come out as I inspect I noticed its the vinegar. So I leave it air dry for 2 days, last night it look like hard dry black skin but still stick on the skin so well I think I should just trim it out and continue the therapy, the moment I cut it with a nail clipper,I found that its empty down the skin… I quickly trim the side of the warts as it won’t pain or feel anything other than itchy… Then viola! Removed 95% of the wart.. Left a tiny hole with black dot removed, other places around the wart already got healthy pink skin growing. I decided to soaked the area for 3 more days just to play safe. Finally get rid of my 2decades old wart and now I start to apply on my plantar wart. Looking forward for result .

  73. I have these on both feet! The one I’ve had about 10+years! I dig it out, it comes back! The skin around it is so sensitive anymore! I’m on my feet 60hrs a week at work! Can’t afford 5-7 days off! Any suggestions!

    • One of my friends had a massive wart on her foot and she used frankincense and oregano essential oils mixed with coconut oil and it was gone in six weeks, no pain or discomfort at all! We buy ours from plant therapy on line.

    • Keep at it when you can. I believe the acid in the vinegar is what does the work. It will probably take longer, but once the roots are dead, most of the pain will be gone, soak you feet real good and pull them out. Good luck. I use a rubber glove with the tips cut off to hold the pad in place. Mine is on the ball is the root.

  74. I seen this because like everyone trying to find a home remedy to remove planter warts. I tried this method and didn’t work. It actually hurt more trying to walk with the pad on my foot.

  75. I commented here about a month ago about how this really worked for me, but since the skin has been recovering and growing back the skin is coming back hard like the wart. It has nothing inside of it, no “root” anymore but the skin is looking the same. It’s easily buffed off but I’m not sure what to do at this point. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  77. Amazing! ! Year’s ago in 1986 I had these on the bottom of my feet. Painful yes indeed. I went to a podiatrist who tried putting acid directly on the wart. To no avail, it was not the resolution. I found a sports medicine podiatrist who used laser treatment to remove them. Heaven. Not to mention the podiatrist was gorgeous 😊

  78. For all those whom the ACV failed!
    There is a herb very popular in Europe, you can actually call it a weed.
    For hundred of years was used as a cure for wart and other virus-caused skin diseases. I had my wart for almost 3 years. Nothing was working. Even vinegar, freezing, burning, cutting. Finally the weed helped. Only one condition, it must be fresh spring grow and right before it blooms. Mine wart was literally several times bigger than yours and started spreading. Two weeks treatment and puff! Gone. For good.

  79. I had one when I was a kid (9th grade) in the arch of my right foot. It was painful. (I’m 59 now). Way before Internet & ACV. I took a razor and every few days would cut around it – and eventually it scabbed over. Then, I decided to pull that off (like a band aid), and when I did a long root with a black little seed at the end came out too. That resolved the issue the wart, and I’ve been free of em since. Still remember that crazy thing. Wouldn’t recommend my way at all. It was a painful process. Thank God for Internet and ACV! Great blog- thanks for sharing!

  80. I forgot to mention, cuz it sounds to crazy to be real. But while I was digging away at the original one, 10 more popped up overnight (the day b4 I pulled the scab with the root attached). That totally freaked me out – I just thought to myself that I would continue with the original one, but after I pulled the root out, all the other ones disappeared. Happy ending. 😊

  81. Thank you for this remedy! I have tried this for the past week on my teenage son. We just squeezed it out. The pain is gone from his foot. I am a believer!! Thanks again!!

  82. If it begins as a bubble inside the skin is still a plantar wart? I know have many of them on my heel and they’re becoming black but they’re still in a bubble, the skin has not yet opened as a volcano, only the first one did. I’m worried because of that, but the apple vinegar still works for that?

  83. Just tried this method and it worked for me! Super stoked about it too!! I tried the same bologna, dr scholls, freezing too, neither worked. I wanted a natural alternative as I was worried about the chemical absorption from freezing with air duster propellent. But this worked in a week. Mine wasn’t a plantar wart but method was just as effective. Noteworthy; after the entire lesion turns black, let it dry for a day and then try removing it. I used toenail clippers since they opened wider and just cut into the edge of the lesion. Then once I had and edge to pull on removed a solid piece of dead root. Now just reapply the cider for to confirm the roots are dead, and polysporin to heal the wound after 😊 Mine took about a week

  84. You don’t need any of that, my dear. Just pee on your feet in the shower everyday and they will go before two weeks is up, promise!!

  85. I have learned that you have more to worry about than just the wart. Your immune system is compromised or your body would be able to fight the virus of the wart. Large doses of vitamin C worked for me. I had 7 of them for years and walked funny to avoid the pain. A month of Tagamet also works. Glad that worked for you all. Eat more veggies 🙂

  86. Thank you so much for writing this article (and providing pictures)! I am on day number three, and I am in SO much pain that I’m limping… Is this normal??? I’ll tough it out but man does it hurt 😦

  87. Thank You so much for sharing this – really appreciate it. My wart grew into a threesome over the last months and I really intend to get it rid of it. Try this out at the evening before bedtime, it sounds promising. Thanks again 🙂

  88. Hello! I ran across this and decided to try it out. I have probably 30-50 warts spread across both feet. I’ve gone to a doc, had them dug out, cut down, frozen, acid poured in them. I’ve done home remedies (duct tape never seems to stick to my feet), freezing, zinc paste, swirling a little bleach in each with a cotten swab, nail polish, everything I could possibly find. I’m trying this, and so far I’m on day four. It’s not very painful, there’s a lot of ACV trapped under the section I’m working on (so I know I’m using enough), and from reading the comments, I’m not seeing any dead skin to trim off, and it’s not growing hard just yet. Instead, the centers are a sickly green color. I’m doing a small cluster of perhaps six. Does treating multiple take longer? Is the lack of pain normal? Does it usually turn greenish? I’m running out of options to treat these, but come summer when they’re exposed to more water (working in a greenhouse in sandals, swimming in the pool, etc) they’re going to be so painful that I want them gone for good now!

    • Other things I’ve tried:

      Larger dose of normal daily vitamins
      Liver tablets (not the ones for your liver health, but made of liver)
      Banana peels

      I’ve had these things for almost 17 years now. Lots of treatments, and hopefully this one works!

  89. Ok,,, I’ll buy it… I’m a believer in alternative procedures, compared to doctors today that just want to get into your pockets and keep you there. I’m on day one and a half. I tested it yesterday day and it seems everything is a go to finally get rid of this thing gone for good.
    I believe I found a solution to keeping the pad in place without alot of discomfort though. I used a rubber gloves. Just cut the tips off and slide it over your foot. The smaller the glove, the tighter the fit. Thanks for sharing the info, if I may share something with everyone, I ran into a product at APEX-UAP. COM that I have had amazing results with. Check it out, if you have any questions, just ask. I never blogged before, but I’ll keep an eye out.

    Thanks again.

  90. Update: I have to much pain to be able to work so I’m trying the banana peel trick while I have to walk on my feet. I use nitrile gloves, and double them up. It seems to work real well holding the pad in place. Good luck with yours.

  91. i had 8-10 beetle juice blistered off over the summer 1 came back i tried ductape freeze kit and nail polish, it hasn’t spread but the blister treatment hurts so i been avoiding it, i sprained my knee over the summer 2x after the wart treatment so i do not want to limp. i’m trying the acv and its like a dark brown so far on day 4 i been using acv 2-3x a day soaked on cotton covered with a bandaid. i hope it works i do not want the blister treatment again 2 months of it was enough pain

  92. Just wanted to say, we’ve been treating my son’s with an extra strength wart remover from the GP called Salactol. Combined it with duct tape (just enough to cover the wart), then, elastoplast dressing and regular hard skin removal and it works well. Not painful. For anyone who wants a less painful option. Also, Germolene provides local anesthetic so may be worth applying. Last thing, the black dots you see are strangulated blood vessels. When the wart grows it cuts off the blood supply hence the dry hard skin it creates. Removing this allows better access to the wart. Be careful of causing damage to healthy skin as this creates an opportunity for more to grow 😊

  93. So. I’m on day 4 of this treatment, & does hurt soooo bad, throbbing, burn pain that’s just constant. It has started to turn black so I’m really hopeful I’m getting close to the end of my warts. But For those who have done this does the the pain subside, did it hurt when it fell off?

    • I just started this I’m on day 3 night 2 of ACV. I’ve been using bandaids with antibiotic to cover it during day and ACV covered at night. I have the pain and throbbing but so worth watching this sucker go away. Mine already has black dots appearing.

  94. I wish I had seen this a year ago. My 9 year old son had one and the doctor said our best and least painful choice was a shot directly into it. It took 6 weeks to work but it did work. I would have much rather tried this.

  95. All if the remedies work by cutting off oxygen to the wart. Easier fix if to put super glue on the wart and then duct tape. You will get same results with less mess!

  96. All of these remedies work by cutting off oxygen to the wart. Easier fix is to put super glue on the wart and then duct tape. You will get same results with less mess!

  97. I’m trying this tonight for the first time, but seeing all these posts about how painful it is gonna be scares the crab out of me since I have about 18 of these on my foot. yes you read that right. 18! some of them still very small, about 6 rather big. so badly hopes this will work!

  98. I didn’t know about the Apple Cider Vinegar, but years ago, I had a Plantar’s Wart and had it cut out, frozen out, etc. only to keep coming back. Back then, I researched and read about Eggplant on it. I took a slice of eggplant and taped it to my foot with surgical tape over night. The next morning, took the surgical tape off and the eggplant and the wart was attached to the eggplant. Left a small hole in my foot, but has never come back. Hole has since closed up long ago.

    • Really? I’ll have to try that. But my planter wart is black and it hurts. I can still walk on it, but it’s painful. Do you think it will work the same way for me? Thank you! -Riley

      • The apple cider vinegar does hurt and even though it worked, mine came back. What worked for me was 25000 IU of Vitamin A. You’ll have to order it online but it’s cheap. You just prick the capsule and put it right on the wart. It takes a few weeks but it’s not painful at all! My email is Feel free to message me. I’ll send you more info. 🙂

  99. Ok, I remember a wart on my knee or something when I was a kid, that my mother told me about. She picked the top off and there were “seeds” that she pulled out with the tweezers. The wart died and never came back. I’m a grandmother now. I’m an avid believer in ACV (the “dirty” kind) and cold pressed coconut oil. Both have antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. You would be amzed atball the things they are good for. Not just warts. I would suggest to everyone to research both these super foods and start including them in your daily diet. I take two regular teaspoons (not the measuring teaspoons) every day of ACV, mixed with 4 oz each of coconut water and a dark 100% juice blend. It’s slightly tart but I chug it down and I’m done. Check it out. Your health will benefit from it.

  100. Does it hurt? I have a plantar wart on the balls of my feet and it hurts to walk on it. Its black already and I haven’t been doing any treatment except for duct tape, but before that it was black. I was wondering, does the vinegar method hurt? My wart hurts very badly already and I definitely do not want to freeze or burn it off. And also does the duct tape method work? Thank you. -Riley

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  102. Does it have to be apple cider viniger..I just have regular vinger in hand if I can use this it will save me money because I dont use the viniger.

  103. Please be advised before using a home remedy wart removal a doctor or dermatologist has biopsied the wart to confirm it is not malignant melanoma. I had a friend treat her wart at home almost a year. Other symptoms surfaced and she was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma. She died as it had already spread throughout her body. That wart was the first indicator and was ignored and treated and scraped off, froze off etc.

  104. I am on day 3 and can’t tell any difference. It is still white and not painful. I am using organic ACV so don’t know if this makes a difference . It’s difficult to soak the eye pad to where it is dripping because it seeps out of the duct tape. I am also only cutting a small piece of the pad, just enough to cover the wart. Should I try to cut part of the wart out to try and get closer to the seeds?

  105. My brother suggested I might like this web site.He used to be totally right. This publishactually made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how a lot time I hadspent for this information! Thank you!

    • It’s really painful. 😦 I’d start with tea tree oil or oregano oil ( plant therapy is a great company with free shipping) than try 25,000 iu’s of vitamin A oil ( also have to order online for that strength) which is what worked for me. I had some on my hands and the apple cider vinegar destroyed my skin and the warts remained 😦 the vitamin A worked in 6 weeks no pain. I’ve had friends that used essential oils with success as well. Good luck!

  106. I had salicylic acid put on two of my planters warts, and they grew back not even a month later 2x bigger. I just wanted to know what the pain tolerance is before I try this.

  107. This totally works, I gave this method a try because 12 weeks is a bit long to wait for some expensive over the counter stuff to maybe work. My warts were gone in three days, it was awesome. There isn’t any scarring either. You have my thanks in posting this, and I have been telling others too.

  108. Finally! It’s good to hear an actual testimonial from someone using apple cider vinegar! We’ve blogged about this home remedy, but I’ve never actually tried it or known anyone who has. I’ll be sure and link to your story from our wart removal site. Thanks!

  109. Omgoodness, I can’t say how much I thank you because, now I can finally get rid of this wart. F.Y.I mine is on my thumb 😧

  110. Dear i have many plants warts in my hand and feet sole last 15 years plz advice me to get rid from this deseas.some are v big and many are v small
    I need to take advice from you.

  111. This is the second time I’m removing a wart with ACV. The first night I didn’t feel anything but the second it burned really bad. That burning tells me it is almost dead. The first one went away with just nightly application and I had to remove everything if the pain got too bad at night.

  112. Thank you for sharing your experience & your self wart removal treatment! My mother has one on the. Orrin of her foot. She’s 80 & trying something natural seems the best alternative for her!

  113. Did you have any kind of mark or scarring once it healed? My daughters healed and looks similar to how it was before but I can’t tell if it’s just scarring

  114. Thank you!! I actually found something that worked. I don’t usually leave comments online for these things but I had to! U really helped me out and I wish I could hug u in person. Even though this is a 6 year old post. THANK YOU!! I hope u get this.

  115. Thank you!! I actually found something that worked. I don’t usually leave comments online for these things but I had to! U really helped me out and I wish I could hug u in person. Even though this is a 6 year old post. Hurt like hell but, THANK YOU!! I hope u get this.

  116. So I had 2 plantar warts on my foot at the same time about 2 or 3 years ago. I didn’t do anything to treat it. It still looks like it’s there, but it doesn’t hurt. I think some skin has grown over the top of it. If I try the ACV now, will it still work? Remember they have been there, untreated, for a couple of years.

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