On why you should boycott Livingsocial…

Who doesn’t love a discount?? Especially if it’s for an expensive fine dining restaurant which you would normally have to save for special occasions! Well let me tell you why the discount isn’t worth it. …Last year we dined with a friend at Moo Moo’s Restaurant located at the Port Office, Stamford Plaza, Edward Street, Brisbane. We had a very good meal (Thanks Tammy) and vowed to return again. So it was only appropriate that when we saw the livingsocial deal online advertising for the following that our friend Terry purchased x2 $70 LivingSocial Vouchers….

The first time we used this voucher….we already felt as if we were treated as second-rate citizens. When I rang through to make a booking..the staff at Moo Moo informed me that we could not reserve an earlier sitting, and that “people with vouchers” must dine after 8pm. Okay…so we went and ate there…..and the rump was more than mediocre. We were introduced to a few upgraded options and were persuaded into purchasing more sides…Anyway that was the prequel to this full blown rant that I’m about to embark on….So the deadline was coming up this evening…and we had been calling Moo Moo for over a week to try and secure a booking.

On this particular evening (hop into the time machine and rewind to yesterday)….I phoned expecting nothing but the worst.

Staff: Moo Moo restaurant please hold *3 minute hold* Pause….please wait while I transfer your call to the  maître d‘hôtel. Another 4 minutes later….the phone drops and they have conveniently avoided me again by hanging up on me.

All I had said was that I wanted to make a booking for dinner on April 19.

When I did finally call through and speak to this almighty Maitre D (henceforth known as Almighty asshole for the purposes of venting my frustration)….it went something like this:

Chad: “Hi I would like to make a reservation for 4 people tomorrow”
Almighty Asshole: Certainly.  We have a sitting at 8pm available. Do you have a voucher?”
Chad: “Yes, it is a living social…..” *rude interjection by the Maitre D*

Almighty Asshole: “Sorry we don’t have any seats for people with vouchers.
Chad:  “How does that work? You have seats…but not for people with vouchers?”
Almighty Asshole: Well we have 133 people coming in to use vouchers tomorrow, everyone wants a seat tomorrow with a voucher. It’s not just you okay?”
Chad: “So you’ve oversold the amount of tickets for which you have capacity for….????? What am I meant to do? I’ve already paid for my voucher!”
Almighty Asshole: “It’s not our problem. Call livingsocial”
Chad: “okay…and there’s nothing you can do about it?”
Almighty Asshole *beep* ….hangs up the phone.

So the next part of the story…is that I called up Livingsocial and spoke with a man named Christian. I know that there is no use in trying to shoot the messenger…and that he is a normal guy..trying to get on with his job…but I was really peeved and really needed to yell at someone. Christian explained to me that the restaurant has the “discretion to allocate seats to a particular volume of customers with vouchers per day”. So technically, they have the discretion to refuse to serve ANY customers with vouchers on ANY and EVERY given day that the offer is valid for. This was confirmed by Christian, who added that “Moo moo only gets paid for every voucher that is USED”. But what incentive is it? For a fine dining restaurant to receive a portion of $70 for 4 people breathing their oxygen, peeing in their toilets, playing with their Dyson hand-dryers….and eating inferior meat?? When on a regular day, people would pay much more than $70 just for a serving of mains for dinner? Christian also mentioned to me that an investigation into the matter would not be possible as it is too close to the expiration date of the voucher (which is synonymous with the termination of their contract with Moo Moo). WTF?!  So anyone who happens to miss out on a booking near the end of the deal...TOO BAD? GO EAT YOUR PRINTED OUT VOUCHER AND PRETEND IT’S A PIECE OF RUMP?! In 3 working days we will see if they will be clever enough to honour us a refund.

This is not fair. This is plain ridiculous. I am conjuring anvils and they shall rain like hailstorms from the sky…on Livingsocial and on Moo Moos. Thanks for ruining an awesome restaurant assholes. 

P.S. Oli also ordered Havaianas….which came 6 months after the deal was originally purchased…and after complaining to Livingsocial for months on end..