Music is just not up to scratch these days….

Whenever I’m stuck in traffic congestion…I either call a friend for a catch up conversation, or play A-Z naming games with myself (it’s such a cool game…you pick a topic..and then away you go! Topic is Animals: A is for Armadillo…B is for Bat, C is for Cat….how poetic of me!) But today driving home from the uni library at 9am…I was caught in some extreme traffic congestion. The type that is so slow that your friends get sick of trying to entertain you on the phone, and you’ve run out of brain juice for the naming game…So I had nothing else to do but to switch on my car radio and listen to what the world sounds like today.  And in all honesty, the world today sounds like shit. Admittedly, I’m not really trendy when it comes to music.  I don’t know who wins Grammy awards these days, I don’t know who One Direction is (apparently that’s a good thing)…..I barely recognise any of Rhianna’s songs…

I live under a rock ( a very biased and judgemental rock).

Under my little rock, I listen to legends like Michael Jackson, The Beatles…The Carpenters….Queen, The Doors, Prince,  GNR, David Bowie….The Rolling Stones…the good shit. Even the Spice Girls rocked ok?  I used to save up all my lunch money just so I could afford to add another Nirvana album to my collection. And so knowing that I’m a little narrow minded and behind on the times pop music wise…I decided to channel surf using the preset radio stations to survey the current charts.

The first thing I tune into is Nova 106.9fm….”Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby….girl I’m gonna show you how to do it…we start real slow put your lips together and come real close”

I’m sure the brainless lyrics don’t need much explanation. My ears are deeply disturbed. Very discreet there.

I had to do a double take…actually whilst stuck at the lights..I Shazam-ed the song on my iphone (for those of you not familiar with the application, it’s a really nifty thing to have you just hold your phone up to the music and a few seconds later it tells you the artist, song and album name)…so when I got home I looked up the lyrics above again…and confirmed that I wasn’t hearing things. It’s a song by Flo-Rida.

I now take back the previous statements about being judgemental and biased. If songs like these are any reflection of society’s current values…I’m more than just biased and judgemental…I’m more like…disgusted and disappointed with the direction in which society and popular culture is going. Now before you flame me for picking up one bad song….I did spend more than an hour and a half in the car (there was an accident on coronation drive this morning) sampling different channels.

So moving onto the next channel…B105fm self proclaimed ‘Brisbane’s Number One hit music station’. And I hear more rubbish…Zapped it on Shazam again and this time it’s ‘Scream’ by Usher…another brainless song filled with graphic sexual content…

“Thinkin bout what I’d do to that body…I’ll get you like ooh baby…Now relax and get onto your back. If you wanna scream yeah..Let me know and I’ll take you there”.

So tasteless. The rest of my trip home wasn’t too bearable…listening to stuff like ‘Call me maybe’ which played at least 5 times on the 4 different radio stations I was switching between….

It has nothing to do with the similarity in the genre of music criticised above. I love old school. Run DMC. I love MC Hammer. I love Brian Mcknight. I admire many different types of music. I don’t know that Usher nor Flo-Rida would fall into the same category as any of the above mentioned awesome-ness…..I don’t know how to categorise this new sort of music…It would probably best fit into the category of “shit music”.

I did come across one good station..97.3 where I heard the familiar “Would you hold my handddddd? If I saw you in heavennnnnnn?” Thank you Mr. Clapton for rescuing my ears. BUT doing a bit of browsing on the interweb, 97.3 fm  is a radio channel dedicated to playing music from the ’80s ,90s and NOW’. This probably only further endorses my point, that this decade has not produced any artist nor song that could match the generations of our parents and grandparents.

Would love to hear some suggestions which could convince me otherwise…that our offspring will never experience decent music. …That talent doesn’t mean shit-all any more for the music industry. If video killed the radio star…then auto-tune and a brainless new generation killed the entire future music industry… All you need now is a bunch of random sound effects combined with some graphic sexual lyrics and excessive use of auto-tune to make it onto the top of the charts.

Go on…prove me wrong. Help me find some current music that is worth listening to…

From-Chad-the-traumatised. xx